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My name is Teri Harget. I have an M.A in Clinical Psychology and a B.A. in Sociology. I have more than 10 years experience in helping people to get through the issues in their lives that inhibit them from becoming more who they want to me.


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#header2 What you might want to get from coaching


Coaching can be as simple as a breath that reduces anxiety, or a technique
that helps you contain a difficult or troublesome emotion or it might be a
complex journey into your deepest mysteries.


In my experience every person in their inner wisdom knows the work that
they need to do at this particular time. I believe that a good coach offers
a safe space to do that work by being accessible, attentive, compassionate,
nonjudgmental, openhearted, and on your side. I always want to honor the
courage it takes to walk that path of self knowledge and exploration, and
the tremendous gifts my clients offer me when they share their emotional