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Scott Henry, MegamiSoft Software

I am a Linux/Unix software engineer, operating systems (commands and utilities, mostly). I have over 20 years of experience in software engineering, much of it under tight deadlines and/or as technical lead. I spent the last 9 years at NetApp where I doing QA automation for the ONTAP product, including a stint architecting and implementing the next-generation core libraries. I spent previous 15 years at Silicon Graphics, where I was a core individual contributor or technical lead in a wide variety of programming and engineering projects, from web development to network installation automation, to distributed (cluster: high availability and high performance) infrastructure development and porting, to security (cryptographic) infrastructure design and development, to Linux kernel development. I spent a turn as technical lead for the IRIX 6.5.17 release. I consider myself an expert in C, Perl, and shell-script coding, and competent in C++, HTML, Java/Javascript and Python.

I have experience in code and algorithm optimization, web-based services, secure host administration, scripting, custom Linux kernels and installations. I prefer to work in a small group of talented people who can brainstorm "bleeding edge" software and products.

I am interested in a challenging Unix/Linux software development position, preferably in back-end infrastructure. An Open Source project would be a definite plus.

I have wanted to return to participating in an Open Source project for some time, after participating in 2 such project while at SGI. I have been experimenting with virtualization technologies at home for quite some time, and have experience in storage and networking. OpenStack sounds like a nice fit, and so I have recently joined the OpenStack project, and am getting up to speed on the various components (such as the simplified DevStack distribution).

My resume:

I used to have a web site at http://reality.sgi.com/scotth/, until it was shut down. There is a replacement now up at http://reality.sgiweb.org/scotth/.

I have kept a partial mirror of my reality site here. It is split in 2 pieces:

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